Fedora 8 Multimedia Support

Submitted by sklav on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 01:02

Step 1: Add the livna Repo

wget rpm.livna.org/livna-release-8.rpm ; rpm -ivh livna-release-8.rpm

Step 2: Add the Macromedia Repo

wget http://linuxdownload.adobe.com/adobe-release/adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.n… ; rpm -ivh adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm

Step 3: Install Multimedia Applications

yum -y remove totem totem-mozplugin;yum -y install totem-xine totem-xine-mozplugin libdvdcss libdvdread libdvdplay livdvdnav lsdvd xine-lib-extras-nonfree libdvdcss libdvdread libdvdplay flash-plugin libquicktime gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-bad

Step 4: Installing w32Codecs in order to play everything under the Sun.

wget www1.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/mplayer-codecs-20061022-1.i386.rpm ; rpm -ivh mplayer-codecs-20061022-1.i386.rpm
wget www1.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/mplayer-codecs-extra-20061022-1.i386.rpm; rpm -ivh mplayer-codecs-extra-20061022-1.i386.rpm

you should now have full multimedia and video support for all popular formats. If you experience any issue feel free to post a reply.